For Intelligence Providers

Achieve greater depth in reporting and defense against modern threats including data loss, intellectual property theft, and social engineering.

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For SOC teams

Predict and anticipate threats against human capital, brand, supply chain, enterprise, and products by observing dark market commodity demands.

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For Law Enforcement

Dark market trending enables analysts to predict crime patters, anticipate and prepare for civil unrest, and identify indicators of terrorist activities.

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The Dark.Exchange provides real-time insights into the goods and services being bought, sold, and traded throughout the underground economy by a variety of threat actors such as cyber criminals (organized crime), hacktivists, state-sponsored attackers, and trusted insiders.

The real-time market indexing accessible through our proprietary Dark.Exchange software enables subscribers to monitor the performance of Dark.Commodities in order to anticipate emerging cyber attacks, evolving civil unrest, and pre-empt terrorist activities. Examples of the commodities actively monitored include:

  • Crimeware as a service (CAAS) such as malware, ransomeware, etc.
  • Stolen personally identifiable information (credit cards, social security numbers, passports, etc).
  • Hacking services and other malicious “pay-for-service” activities.
  • Drugs and counterfeit prescription medications.
  • Weapons and ammunition.

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